ARC Meg

    Smart Doll Kururugi Suzaku

    ARC Chino Natsu Seifuku Ver.

    DD Sakura Miku

    DDS Rem

Danny Choo, the creator of Smart Doll, has announced that he obtained licence for Girls und Panzer. The first anime-related Smart Doll is going to be Nishizumi Miho. Follow Danny Choo's blog for the details!


Takara Tomy has already started accepting pre-orders for the new Liccarize Kiki

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New Ciel by Dolk has just been announced! This time it's Komadori (Robin Dress) version. Follow for details.

Joint Festival 3 which combines Hobby Round with Dolls Party 35 starts on May 5.


Volks is going to present new DD Shibuya Rin and MDD Arle, while Ginger Tea comes with 11 new DD outfits!

Dolpa Kyoto 13 starts tomorrow! Expect some news from Volks and Ginger Tea.