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At last Volks has announced character dolls based on new DDP (Dollfie Dream Pretty) body. These are Minase Iori and Takatsuki Yayoi.


DDP is a "younger" body with measurements between DD and MDD.


Azone has exhibited three (!) new PureNeemo dolls, all of them High Fleet School characters. It might be a bit disappointing for those who expected No.100 to be something special.

The new HAF is also High School Fleet Akeno.

The next Asterisk Series Hetalia boy is Romano instead of America, but we were informed of America's delay beforehand, so nothing unexpected here.

Cerberus Project made the second Live Live girl, this time Nozomi.

Also there are several new Dollfie outfits by TcDoLL and Cherry Milk.

 Daedalus Factory installed its Tiger & Bunny busts on Obitsu (?) male bodies, so probably the line will become something like Resinya.


Get ready for the WonFest! Today we'll have a sneak peek at new doll clothes by Cherry Milk and TcDoLL, and we hope for more exciting releases tomorrow!


ddsBoy main img

The rumours turn out to be absolute truth: Volks announces a boy type body. Although it is funny it is classified as DDS (B) which stands for Dollfie Dream Sister Boy o_0

Volks has revealed the prototypes of DD Kagamine twins. Could it be that we are getting the first Dollfie Dream boy?