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Now when Isobel Pascha designer dolls are finally in stock, what other prototypes can we expect this year?

Azone: Asterisk Collection Eren is here, but we've also been promised ASC Levi. I expect to see the prototype at Wonder Festival in a month. Maybe ASC Prussia as well, if he's not delayed till winter. As you know, Asterisk Collection now includes 1/3 dolls, so there might be unexpected surprises, not in the order they've been announced. On the other hand, there's not much movement in PureNeemo line. I doubt if Azone releases China Moeka or Takimoto Hifumi, but why not expect a new Love Live PureNeemo, as the franchise is still popular?

Volks: There are plans to release Dollfie Dream  DD YoRHa No. 2 Type B (of NieR: Automata), and we're definitely getting Re:Zero Emilia.

Dolk:  where's my Mikazuki Munechika? Maybe they first want to see if Kashuu Kiyomitsu doll is successful enough.

Medicom Toy: no exciting news yet. Except this Link, no anime or game-related RAHs ave been announced yet.

Takara Tomy: stability is the key. We will be getting more Card Captor Sakura dolls, and I think it will be safe to predict the Miyazaki line extension in the future.