Myojo Charumera Suzuneko Licca-chan

    Gotei 13 Doll Fuku Hitsugaya Toshirō

    Gotei 13 Doll Fuku Kuchiki Byakuya

    Gotei 13 Doll Fuku Ichimaru Gin

    Taeyang Chiba Mamoru Wedding Version

    Pullip Tsukino Usagi Wedding Version

Preorders are open for a new Liccarize Kinomoto Sakura doll. She is going to have a standard Licca body and a new smiling face. This time she is wearing the 3rd opening dress, Platinum (after the name of the opening song). Takara Tomy is also going to make - for the first time! - a separate Liccarise outfit.

liccarize card captor sakura platinum costume ver