Myojo Charumera Suzuneko Licca-chan

    Gotei 13 Doll Fuku Hitsugaya Toshirō

    Gotei 13 Doll Fuku Kuchiki Byakuya

    Gotei 13 Doll Fuku Ichimaru Gin

    Taeyang Chiba Mamoru Wedding Version

    Pullip Tsukino Usagi Wedding Version

As usual, the main doll-related WonFest newsmaker is Azone. The new HAF are Rem and Ram:


Azone has also made some interesting Asterisk Collection announcements, including two Hetalia dolls, Germany and Prussia, and...


... Yes, these are ACS Eren and Levi! Can't wait to see the prototypes.

Azone continues the Love Live PureNeemo line with Watanabe You.

The long-awaited Love Live dolls by Cerberus Project are there, too, as well as gorgeous Black Butler BJDs by RingDoll, a Chinese manufacturer:


Volks promises to do a lot, namely Sword Art Online and Re:Zero Dollfies (no prototypes yet) and at least two 7th Dragon outfits.


Speaking of outfits, Cherry Milk is ready with ten new clothes sets, while cloth-lab. demonstrates a Di Gi Charat dress!


Takara Tomy twits that it has licenced another Card Captor Sakura outfit, so we might expect one more CCS doll.


Hopefully we are going to get more news from minor doujin dollmakers soon.