Osuwari Peko-chan (Showa Retro Fu)

    Momoe Nagisa (Mahou Shoujo)

    Sakura Kyoko (Mahou Shoujo)

    Mini Sweets Doll Sakura Miku

    Miki Sayaka (Mahou Shoujo)

    Mini Sweets Doll Nipako (Selene P. Nippanu)

AsukaThis website is all about dolls of anime characters. Whatever they are - a ball-jointed Dollfie Dream, a big-eyed Pullip or a simple vinyl doll made in the 80s - all of them are welcome. The only rule is that they should have a prototype in an anime or a video game or another Japanese source. 

Come with us, we have a lot of doll stories to share.



。*:☆ Our 4000th doll is Ian :*




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